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Everyone’s talking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but no one knows for sure what the rules are… Do you need SEO for your website?  That all depends on how easily you want to be found online. The key to acquiring new leads online is strong strong search performance, which requires SEO.

Where does online traffic come from?

The majority of online traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines: Bing, Google and Yahoo.  While social media sites can also do wonders to generate inbound traffic to your site, research has shown that regardless of whether users are looking for products, services or information; search engines are the primary means of navigating the internet for most people.  But why, you ask?  Because of trust.  As search providers have improved their search engines over the years, they have yielded increasingly relevant, higher quality search results.  People have come to rely on search engines because they can trust them to filter out the junk and connect them to the information they need instantly.  The only reliable way to be found online is to get your page amongst those results and that requires strong search engine performance.

Why is search performance important?

Search performance is the primary means of acquiring new leads for your business through your website. The good news is, you’ve already thrown a hat in the ring simply by having a website… but that alone is probably not going to cut it.  You see, right now, you’re a bit like an Olympian who doesn’t make it past the first qualifier.  Sure, you are here, and you tried really hard, and even though all these fans were here specifically to view this event, only the really dedicated fans took notice of the competitors that didn’t make the podium. Sure, your parents and friends saw you, but they already knew you were there and where to look.  What about the rest of the world?  How do you command the attention of new fans with short attention spans?

Channelling new traffic to your website

This is where SEO comes in.  It’s like performance training for your web pages.  The right preparation, techniques, and implementation can see your page step up on that podium and be noticed.  After all, the sole purpose of SEO is to prepare your pages in a way that provides the best chance of ranking well.  The higher you rank, the more likely you are to be spotted in that list of results that your users have come to rely on.  If you want to give your pages the best chance of ranking well & acquiring inbound traffic – you will need to consider some form of SEO.

If you’re not sure whether SEO can assist your business, Beardbot can help you find out.  Contact us for a free, no obligation site review or to discuss your SEO options.

Published on:

Sunday, Jun 24, 2018