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Your insight to success!

Getting your business online is one thing, but do you know if your website is REALLY performing? How do you work out what to change if it isn’t?

The answer is Beardbot’s Traffic Analysis package.

We track and record anonymous usage information about your website’s visitors and search performance, enabling you to collect and measure statistics such as:

  • How often you appear in Google’s search results and whether you were clicked
  • Whether your visitor is a new or returning visitor and where they arrived from
  • How many visitors your site gets, which pages they viewed and for how long
  • Whether your visitors fulfil your website’s objectives i.e. purchase a product or submit an enquiry

Armed with this valuable user information you receive regular reports on your website performance statistics and recommendations on how to improve search engine results and enhance user experience to increase your leads and maximise your conversions.

Top 4 things to do with your Traffic Analysis data:


  1. Find out if your pages are ranking in Google searches and increase your leads
    Everyone wants to ‘rank well in Google’, but how do you know if this is actually happening? Traffic Analysis tells you how many times your pages rank in Google searches, how high they ranked and whether you were clicked on. If you’re not ranking in searches, Beardbot Search Engine Optimisation packs (SEO) can help get you up there. If your page is ranking in many searches but not getting many clicks, we can improve the preview text to get more leads to your site. Alternatively, if a page is performing well, you can use similar techniques to increase leads to other pages on your site.
  2. Gain valuable feedback on your marketing activity
    So, you’ve done some marketing and got some visitors, but how did these people find you in the first place? Did they click through from a Google search, type your address in manually or click your Facebook ad? Was your marketing spend even worth it? Traffic Analysis will tell you exactly how your visitor came to be on your website, giving you powerful feedback on which marketing activity is working and why. Once you know what works, you can repeat your success and ensure maximum return on your marketing investment.
  3. Identify your ‘top content’ pages
    Your top content pages are the pages that are viewed the most on your website. These might not always be the pages you expect! Once you identify your top content performing pages, you can establish what it is about these pages that works and apply this success to your other pages or future posts. Without Traffic Analysis, you are just left guessing!
  4. Understand your users’ behaviour
    Getting hits on your page is one thing but knowing what happened once your visitor arrived is where the real value is. Which pages did they visit? How long did they stay there? Traffic Analysis tells you which pages on your site are catching your visitor’s attention and keeping it. Conversely, you can work out which pages have not captivated your audience and improve your content.Traffic Analysis is your insight to help make every page work for your business.


Don’t have time to review all of this? Don’t worry! We take care of the analysis for you and send you Reports on your site’s performance with recommendations on how to increase your performance and generate more leads.

Contact us and enquire about Beardbot’s Traffic Analysis today!

Published on:

Friday, Aug 2, 2019